Friday, February 08, 2013

American Horror Story

I am literally obsessed with the show "American Horror Story". Everything from the makeup effects to just the pure story line. It keeps you hooked. and trust me I would know because last night i was up till five in the morning watching it  part of it was because I wanted to finish the first season and the other part because I was to scared to even fall asleep!

And how can anyone resist Evan Peters who plays the mysterious Tate Langdon in the show. He does an incredible job and acting like a creeping serial killer ghost in the show, now he does a little to much crying in the first season but other than that I think I'm in love, haha.

And can we just admire the awesome makeup job above ^

The makeup artists totally made him look like Rick Genest the skeleton man.. That makeup artist is a pure genius, but I cant at all imagine tattooing my face. That must have hurt like a mutha!

Speaking of kick ass makeup artists and my weird addiction to this show, the burning man? really? I must learn how to do this!

and for Denis O'hare to portray such character, amazing.

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