Wednesday, February 20, 2013

Social Media

Hey all.
Just thought I would do a quick post on my other social media sites!
Its amazing what the internet has to offer, it gives you the chance to be creative with whatever your hobbies are... So here are some I enjoy and you can feel free to follow me on :)

Im sure you've all heard of Pintrest, but if you haven't its kind of like having a bunch of virtual boards that you can pin various ideas/things you like to them! Hope that helps a little..If not check it out and you'll be addicted.

This site lets you make outfits with your dream closet. It took me a while to get the hang of it at first but after I did I was hooked! Its like going shopping but not spending a penny!

For me Tumblr is a collage of images I like, sometimes I try to be artistic and re-blog pictures that go together but most of the time I just end up posting pictures of kittens, food, clothing articles and more kittens!

This is basically just the status updates you post on Facebook. You can write whats on your mind every two minutes, its great! Haha.

My Blog
Read it and you'll find out :)


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